Reddi Industries Acquires Overhead Door and Aviation & Specialty Doors

October 26, 2018

Since its 2015 purchase of Bob’s Door Company, Reddi Industries has been proving commercial and residential garage door service and sales. Early in 2017, Overhead Door was added to the Reddi family of companies, along with its sister company, Aviation & Specialty Doors.

With 65 years in business, Overhead Door is well-known in the Wichita Area, so Reddi Industries’ co-owners Zack and Tommy Steven plan to continue operating it under the same name. In addition to garage doors, Overhead Door sells and installs awnings and dock equipment.

Aviation & Specialty Doors builds airplane hangars, but will be operated under the Overhead Door name going forward.

Find more details in the Wichita Eagle’s article about the recent Overhead Door and Aviation & Specialty Doors acquisition.

Reddi Industries is a family-owned company providing plumbing, electrical, HVAC, restoration, fencing, sprinkler, garage door, lawn care and environmental services in the Wichita area.